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Webinar Starts In:

Thursday, December 7th,

3:00 PM EST

What You Will Learn

  • Learn to analyze and understand KPIs to evaluate your restaurant’s health and identify growth opportunities to maximize your revenue.
  • Discover how to set realistic objectives that will guide you to achieve measurable results.
  • Master the art of structuring your restaurant marketing plan properly for maximum effectiveness.
  • Gain insights on creating a well-organized marketing calendar that keeps your strategies on track.
  • Learn to implement your marketing plan and execute it flawlessly to achieve tangible results and maximize your ROI.

Meet Sebastian Stahl

Meet Sebastian, founder and CEO of Breadth, a strategic restaurant marketing agency. With over 17 years of dedication to the hospitality industry, Sebastian’s journey is marked by a fervent passion for long-term restaurant success. His extensive experience includes owning multiple restaurant concepts and serving as Head of Marketing and Partner at an award-winning South Florida restaurant group. Sebastian’s track record speaks volumes about his expertise, transforming restaurants nationwide for sustained growth. His mission is to help restaurant owners grow their business. Sebastian is also the author of The Restaurant Marketing Insider, a testament to his deep understanding and innovative strategies in restaurant marketing.