Tipping Troubles: Is Your Business Turning Off Customers with New Trends?

30 March, 2023

Tipping at restaurants has been a long-standing tradition in many countries, including the United States. It is an extra amount of money paid to servers, bartenders, and other restaurant staff on top of the bill amount. This practice has evolved over time, and in recent years, there have been some noticeable trends in restaurant tipping.

In 2023, one of the most significant trends in restaurant tipping is the rise of cashless transactions. More and more restaurants are adopting digital payment methods such as mobile apps, online ordering, and contactless payments. This has made it easier for customers to pay for their meals without having to handle cash, but it has also made it more challenging for them to tip their servers.

To address this issue, some restaurants have started to add a tipping feature to their digital payment systems. This allows customers to add a tip to their bill with just a few taps on their smartphone or tablet. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years as more restaurants adopt digital payment systems.

Another trend in restaurant tipping is the rise of minimum wage laws. In recent years, several states and cities in the US have passed laws that require employers to pay their employees a minimum wage that is higher than the federal minimum wage. This has led to some changes in how restaurants handle tipping.

For example, some restaurants have started to eliminate tipping altogether and instead raise their menu prices to cover the cost of higher wages. This is known as a no-tipping policy. Other restaurants have started to include a service charge on their bills, which is distributed among all of the restaurant’s employees. This ensures that everyone who works at the restaurant, not just the servers, is fairly compensated for their work.

The debate over whether to tip for counter service or take-out orders is another trend that is gaining traction in 2023. Traditionally, tipping has been reserved for full-service restaurants where a server takes your order and brings your food to your table. However, with the rise of counter service and take-out orders, many customers are wondering whether they should still tip in these situations.

In general, tipping for counter service and take-out orders is not expected, but it is always appreciated. If you receive exceptional service or if you feel that the staff went above and beyond to make your experience enjoyable, then it is perfectly acceptable to leave a tip.

Some customers may also feel inclined to tip for take-out orders if the restaurant charges a service fee or if the staff takes the time to pack the food carefully and provide additional condiments or utensils. However, if the restaurant does not charge a service fee and the staff simply hands you your food without any additional service, then tipping is not necessary.

Ultimately, the decision to tip for counter service or take-out orders is a personal one, and it depends on your own values and beliefs. If you believe that everyone who works in the restaurant deserves to be compensated fairly for their work, then you may choose to leave a tip even for counter service or take-out orders. On the other hand, if you believe that tipping should be reserved for full-service restaurants only, then you may choose not to tip in these situations.

In conclusion, the trends in restaurant tipping in 2023 reflect a changing landscape in the food service industry. With the rise of digital payment systems, minimum wage laws, and new service models, customers and restaurant staff alike are adapting to new norms and expectations. While tipping for counter service and take-out orders is not expected, it is always appreciated, and ultimately, the decision to tip or not to tip should be based on personal values and beliefs.

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