How Breadth helped Padrino’s Restaurants achieve double-digit sales growth and double website leads for private dining.

Develop the marketing strategies your restaurant needs to start getting the results you need and grow your brand.

Our Team of Experts

Our team is passionate about helping restaurants develop their brands, and drive growth through strategic planning and execution of proven digital marketing strategies.  

Our mission as a company is striving fore excellence in everything we do to help our clients achieve their objectives. We go above and beyond to deliver extreme value and measurable results.
We care deeply for each of our clients successes and we celebrate as a team when they  grow & hit their goals. We look forward to helping you take your restaurant marketing to the next level!

"What sets Breadth apart form other agencies is that our ideas and objectives are aligned when it comes to strategy, spending, and measuring key metrics for our projects."

Andrei SternCFO and Partner, Suviche Hospitality Group

"Professionals, friendly, attentive, and incredibly knowledgeable.
They are result driven, focusing on how each initiative directly affects the bottom line. Having a restaurant background, Sebastian speaks from his first hand experience, which is utterly invaluable. I've worked with a fair share of marketing companies and very quickly am disappointed by their lofty goals and lackluster outcome. I highly recommend Breadth Marketing to any and all looking for a component and equipped team."

Laura E. PadrinoDirector of Marketing Padrino's Restaurant

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