Free Training For FRLA Members

In This Exclusive Training, You’ll Learn:

     Mapping Your Customer’s Digital Dining Journey:

  • Unravel the steps your customers take from first-click to dining in.
  • Learn how to optimize touch-points and enhance their digital experience.

     Setting the Stage: Systems & Platforms for Precise Tracking:

  • Discover essential tools and platforms tailor-made for restaurant digital marketing.
  • Understand how to integrate these systems for accurate tracking and analytics. 

    Best Practices for Gauging Digital Success:

  • Dive into proven methods to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Find out how to adjust and refine strategies based on real-time data to maximize ROI.
  • Real examples and case studies of successful digital campaigns for restaurants, highlighting how to determine the most effective marketing channels.

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We are a non-traditional marketing agency with over fifteen years of experience in the hospitality industry. We work with growing restaurant brands offering a 360 all inclusive marketing solution, developing brand centric strategies that work both short term and over the long term by growing revenue and brand value without sacrificing margins.




Strategic Planning

We start at the root, working with you to develop a strategic and comprehensive marketing plan and calendar tailored specifically to your business unique needs and goals.


Strategically built for restaurants, responsive, compelling, integrated.

Social Media Management

Personality and content strategy development, channel specific strategies, content development, guest engagement standards and protocols, analysis and optimization.


Channel-specific media planning (social media and Google campaign strategy and management to drive in-store and off premise sales (online orders, catering, private events).


Your brand is your business. Creating a cohesive identity that resonates with your guests. We help you tell your story in a way that connects, inspires and builds trust.


Customized email campaigns to highlight your restaurant’s brand, menu items, and special promotions, driving engagement and loyalty. With our strategic approach, we’ll help you build a strong customer base and grow revenue.


Strategy and implementation of local SEO strategies to ensure maximum visibility of your restaurant brand.


Expert review management services. On time, compelling, SEO friendly. Offering the proven strategies to retain and recover your guests.


What you don’t measure, doesn’t improve. We provided detailed reporting on every initiative, track and measure ROI on every dollar spent.


“Professionals, friendly, attentive, and incredible knowledgeable.They are result driven, focusing on how each initiative directly affects the bottom line. Having a restaurant background, Sebastian speaks from his first-hand experience which is utterly invaluable. I’ve worked with a fair share of marketing companies and very quickly am disappointed by their lofty goals and lackluster outcome. I highly recommend Breadth Marketing to any and all looking for a competent and equipped team.”

Laura E. Padrino

Director of Marketing
Padrino’s Restaurants

“The Breadth team has been an excellent partner for our business. Sebastian and his team go above and beyond to deliver value and get the results we need. Sebastian’s experience as an entrepreneur and in the hospitality industry has proven to be invaluable in providing us with a level of expertise, insight and service that sets them apart from other agencies we have worked with.”

Javi Zayas

President & CEO
SWARM Event Agency

“What sets Breadth apart from other agencies is that our ideas and objectives are aligned when it comes to strategy, spending and measuring key metrics for our projects.”

Andrei Stern

CFO and Partner
Suviche Hospitality Group

“My favorite part of working with Breadth is collaborating directly with Sebastian. From the very start, we’ve built a strong connection, and working with him instills unwavering confidence in his genuine care for our success. His commitment to our journey and growth is truly exceptional.”

Mario Padrino

Padrino’s Restaurants

“Working with Breadth has been amazing for Reagan Hospitality. They consistently bring value to our business and have extensive experience in the restaurant industry. Their attention to detail in tracking reports and expenditures is incredibly helpful. I love everything about this company.”

Leo Reagan

Reagan Hospitality

“Breadth has been a game changer for us. We wish we had started with them from the beginning. The marketing results have been awesome, and our customers now know we’re here, thanks to your unique ads on social media. It’s not just about the ads; it’s about the feedback and improved business. We’re excited to work with you for our second location and any future ventures. Breadth understand the restaurant business, and our partnership has made our lives easier, giving us back our time and improving our operations. It’s been nothing short of successful.”

Greg McPhail

Clean Eatz, Port Orange, Florida