Client: Wynwood Marketplace Market: Miami


Wynwood Marketplace is a renowned public marketplace that showcases local shops, bars, food, art, and entertainment in the heart of Wynwood, Miami. It is a popular tourist attraction during the winter months, offering some of the best live event experiences in the city.



With the holiday season approaching, Wynwood Marketplace aimed to host a large NYE-themed event that would stand out from the competition. As visitors typically decide on events a few days prior, the marketplace needed to increase local awareness and highlight the event’s unique features to attract attendees..

“The Breadth team has been an excellent partner for our business. Sebastian and his team go above and beyond to deliver value and get the results we need. Sebastian’s experience as an entrepreneur and in the hospitality industry has proven to be invaluable in providing us with a level of expertise, insight and service that sets them apart from other agencies we have worked with.”

– Javi Zayas, President & CEO Wynwood Marketplace


Breadth developed an omni-channel marketing strategy that encompassed all prospect touchpoints. This comprehensive approach successfully generated RSVPs, increased ticket sales, and maximized the visibility of the Wynwood NYE Party to both local and tourist demographics.


Breadth’s partnership resulted in an estimated revenue of $45,481 for Wynwood Marketplace, comprising ticket and in-event sales. The campaign generated a 1,399% return on ad spend and 1,234% return on investment, with 1,943 RSVP’s. These RSVPs (contacts) have been added to Wynwood Markeptlace’s database for future targeted marketing efforts. The omni-channel approach reached over 100,000 people, exceeding our expectations and resulting in high sales at a low cost.

The campaign generated an impressive estimated $45,481 in sales.