Client: Suviche Market: Miami


Using holidays or other special dates can serve as a great opportunity for restaurants to help drive incremental revenue and build their brands. National Ceviche Day is an example of a day we capitalized on to build a very successful recurring annual promotion for our partner Suviche. The promotion aligned perfectly with their food offering and concept and throughout the years it has become a day that guests look forward to. The main objective of this promotion for 2021 was to drive sales to all Suviche locations, increase brand awareness and highlight the restaurant’s recent plate presentation. Through an effective multi-channel campaign, an enticing offer, and stellar operational execution this promotion would allow us to create a memorable experience for Suviche’s guests and achieve great results..



The first step after clearly establishing the objectives for this campaign was to define our target audience and design an effective communications and promotional strategy. When creating any campaign or marketing initiative for restaurants it is extremely important to consider all operations aspects for its proper execution and to set up proper tracking mechanisms to measure results. To maximize operational efficiency, this year we limited the promotion to include a limited number of ceviche variations. With a solid execution plan we pushed communication through an omnichannel marketing campaign including social, paid media, email marketing, SMS, web, app, splash page and local influencers.


Created an SMS calendar with compelling copy that drove interaction and conversion rates.


Leading up to the promotion, we used Suviche’s social media channels as a way to engage with our audience and communicate the promotion.


We ran 6 different ad creatives to different defined audiences on Facebook and Instagram The campaign achieved a 6:1 return on ad spend, and a 385% return on investment.


Email marketing campaigns are a great way to grow reach and gain insight to what customers are engaging with your marketing strategies. For this campaign we sent 2 emails to 47k contacts (contacts whom we’ve collected over time with data collection strategies), and from that data we derived a segmented audience list with an open rate of 37% and an above average CTR of 27%.


Leading up to the promotion, we used Suviche’s social media channels as a way to engage with our audience and communicate the promotion.


Net sales increased by 36% which represented $7,000 in incremental revenue on a Monday which is a substantial amount considering a modest investment and being the slowest day for any restaurant. In addition, the benefits from the strategies implemented for this promotion go beyond front end sales. There was an increase of brand awareness reaching thousands of potential new customers and helped reinforce the brand’s positioning.

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