Client: Novecento Market: Miami


Novocento is a family-run Soho, New York restaurant that has been serving patrons for thirty years. Their homemade food and appealing environment gave them quick success and compelled them to expand their footprint internationally.

Novecento opened cantinas in Argentina and Uruguay, and those successes led them to build locations in the restaurant-rich Southern Florida environs.

After years of building a successful chain of restaurants, Novocento needed to pursue a new branding strategy, strengthen its brand positioning, and operational tactics to keep pace with its contemporaries in a very competitive market.



Novecento is in the process of growth and expansion and wants to differentiate itself from fierce competition. Even though Novecento has had a successful 28-year track record in the restaurant industry, it required a strategy to strengthen its brand positioning and refreshing of their image.

Novecento faced additional difficulties during its revamping, with the onslaught of pandemic lockdowns, a slowdown in business, and resulting staff shortages. To stay afloat during these difficult times and move forward with their growth efforts, they needed help from an organization that truly understood their needs and the industry and could help them reach their goals without adding additional complications to their operation.



Novecento decided to contact and retain Breadth, a restaurant-first marketing agency, to create their marketing strategy and execute on all fronts. First, Breadth designed a cohesive, consistent, and attractive communications plan. The next step was to initiate a creative marketing strategy that would drive sales without disturbing their operation. There were several ways to approach this, but Breadth’s extensive knowledge of the restaurant industry and their understanding of Novecento’s numbers and menu employed tactics and special offers that soon increased their check average and guest count.

“What sets Breadth apart from other agencies is that our ideas and objectives are aligned when it comes to strategy, spending, and measuring key metrics for our projects. Furthermore, Sebastian has extensive experience in the hospitality industry, and as such, he’s able to truly understand our needs and our limitations.” Andrei Stern, CFO, and Partner Suviche Hospitality Group.

Novecento already had a strong brand foundation, but Breadth built on and strengthened that foundation by creating communication tactics and campaigns that firmly positioned the brand in the local community.

Novecento’s 30th Anniversary campaign is a good example. This campaign paid tribute to the brand’s heritage through creative, colorful, and nostalgic content. In conjunction with an Argentinian winery, Breadth proposed a special edition wine to celebrate Novecento’s anniversary, which has been a success ever since. The anniversary wine launch has helped build the brand and delivers on the brand’s unique selling proposition. Breadth’s partnership with Novecento has taken an already well-known restaurant and delivered a consistent, cohesive communication plan, driven guest count, and increased revenue.


By consulting with Breadth, Novocento successfully generated over $85,000 in trackable incremental revenue for 2021 with only eight campaigns.

• The return on ad spend was an average ratio of 5:1,
resulting in an average 550%-600% ROI for every campaign effort.
• These campaigns reached over 300,000 people locally.
• The brand strengthened its positioning among its current guests and reached a broader demographic.

Above and beyond the impressive numbers, Novocento will benefit from positive customer perception and word-of-mouth advertising from the strong brand positioning created for them by Breadth.