How Breadth Helped
Padrino’s Restaurants

Achieve Double-Digit Sales Growth

Get an in-depth look at the strategies, actions, and deliverables that have brought this incredible growth and results for Padrino’s restaurants.

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What you will learn:

  • Creating an Omni-channel marketing strategy for your restaurant.
  • How to approach creating a marketing plan that gets measurable results.
  • Optimizing your website design for conversions/sales.
  • How to grow your customer database fast.
  • Creating digital campaigns that generate leads that convert into actual sales.
  • Improving email open rates and improve your email marketing efforts.
  • Implementing precise ROI tracking mechanisms for your marketing efforts.

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Stats 2021 vs. 2022

  • Guest count increase
    19% vs. Last year
  • Net Sales increase of
    31% vs. Last year

*Padrino’s Dania Beach location data.


in Incremental
Revenue in one day

Over $85K

in Incremental

ROAS 581%

Over 200

incremental guest
count in one day

Over $10K

in Incremental Revenue in one day

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